Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday, June 2, 2014 at 11:24 AM

New Personal Record: 14.02 miles

79° Feels Like 80°
81% humidity

When we started off today, I had no idea how long we would be walking. We didn't get a chance to walk yesterday, so Glen decided we would make up some distance today, and we really did.

It was a perfect day for it because it was relatively cool when we started out, probably in the mid 70's. Flowers were blooming everywhere and it was just a nice day. There was a nice breeze and the skies were overcast. It basically stayed that way for about 10 miles.

We walked through the neighborhoods, then down Dauphin Street to Water Street. At one point we were walking between the buildings were Marie and Sheldon work, so Glen sent them a text that we were outside their windows. 

Fort Conde
We made a short bathroom break at the RSA tower and then headed to Fort Conde.  We walked around the historic sites there and then headed west on Church Street. When Church Street ended (at the library) we followed Government to Broad, Broad to Augusta and Augusta to George and the Cream & Sugar. We looped around the parking lot to give us exactly 10 miles.  It was so nice to sit down for a few minutes, enjoy the air conditioning and share a 
grilled cheese sandwich and a cup of coffee.  It wasn't long, though, before we had to pull our legs off those comfy chairs to walk home.

By 12 miles I was feeling like we had walked a long time. Fortunately, I took the opportunity to do some good stretches when we stopped for lunch and that helped a lot.

The weather forecast was for rain to start at noon, but we never felt a single drop. I would have loved to, though. I saw plenty of water hoses and sprinklers out in lawns, but none were turned on or I would have taken advantage of them!

Our route for this walk.
It's nice to have a new record and to start the month of June out with a nice block of miles. May was a relatively low mileage month -- mostly due to the weather-- and I'd like June to be higher.

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