Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wednesday, June 18, 2014 at 6:05 PM

6.0 miles
82° /FL 94° HUMIDITY 75%
End: 79°/ FL 79°
What an enjoyable evening!

We began by driving to Starbucks at Catherine Street to park the car. Our intent was to walk to Water Street and climb the steps at the Convention Center again.

As we headed east, we noticed a bank of dark clouds ahead. As we continued farther we could hear the rumblings of thunder before us. By the time we reached downtown we could see flashes of lightening here and there. We discussed ducking into a store opening and waiting, but it really did seem as if the storm was moving further east away from us. We took our chances and headed down to the Convention Center. We may have ended up with a rare drop or two on us, but it never actually rained.

We reached Water Street by going east on Conti to Royal. I don't think we've ever walked east on that part of Conti before and I was struck with how different the view was, with the hotels on Royal looming above and in front of us.

At the Convention Center we walked the steps, all 100 steps six times up and six times down all. The first three or four sets weren't too hard, but the last ones had me sweating and huffing. My legs never felt strained, although my knee twinged on each step.

We sat on the steps once we had finished to take a water break. I had packed some frozen blueberries (which by then had thawed) and that was a very nice treat.

On the walk home we passed by the Mediteraean Sandwich Shop and since it was open, we went in and ordered some orzo and a roasted vegetable & Cheese pita sandwich. We walked across the street to Catheral Park where we sat on a bench to eat our dinner. The sandwich was one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth!  
Cathedral Park

We sat and watched two men play with the cutest little white puppy on the splash pad. Then it was time to pull ourselves up and go. I was very sluggish at first - I think I had it in my mind we had to walk all the way home. When I realized we had only about half of that, I seemed to rally.

We made 6 miles by the time we got back to the car. My GPS said a little less. It's odd, sometimes my will say more than Glen's for a while and then it will say less for a while. We both choose to take whichever one says more!

It was a very nice evening, especially sitting at the park enjoying our meal. I find I see so much more of the city when we walk than I ever have from a car. And I find walking so relaxing and refreshing...not just from an exercise and fitness standpoint, but mentally. It is nice to be quiet and still in our minds, even if our legs are moving. It's nice to observe what is around us and see the things that are usually lost to us.

Our route for this walk.

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