Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wednesday, June 4, 2014 at 7:34 AM

4.62 miles
Blakely Park

Start: 73°/ FL 73° 90% Humidity
Finish:83°/ FL 90° 71% Humidity

This was really an adventure! We walked at Blakely Park again, but this time we searched out the Jackson Spring trail.  This eventually led us to the Old Blakely Town and down to the river boardwalk. We took advantage of the picnic table at the boardwalk to sit and sip some water and nuts, knowing that there aren't many sitting places on these trails.

From the boardwalk, we went in directions we had never been before and were surprised to find a slight elevation change. The map only showed it to be 150 feet, but it seemed like much more. The trail wound up and around Jackson Springs (I suppose that's what it was) and the recent rains made it a flowing little spring. At one point we lost the trail (these trails are poorly marked when they are marked) and had to trace our way back.

We tried a different approach to mosquito management this walk. Our son, Noah, gave us some Skin-So-Soft that they use in the Marine Corps, and I was amazed at how well it worked. I was also amazed at how oily it was, but it did make my skin feel very soft. I still had the problem of being bitten (bombed is probably a better description considering how these mosquitoes attacked me) where my clothes were. I tried spraying insect spray on my clothes, but it didn't seem to help. So once again I have huge red whelps on my thighs and find myself uncontrollably scratching the horrendous itch they cause.

I was very glad I had brought the Frogg Togg because I had to wrap it around my head, covering my ears to keep the insects (it seemed they were the size of hummingbirds) from flying into my ears.

This walk was quite intense with its ups and downs. Even though it was early in the morning it was already hot, which only added to the workout.

After our walk we went to the Rouse's in Spanish Fort to eat lunch at their hot bar and had the nicest surprise. Their bakery was giving a "sample". . . it was a whole, huge, petite four and it was absolutely delicious. I guess that was sort of our "Trail Magic" for that walk.

When we got home we realized our adventure was not over. While I was drying off, I found a tick on my ankle, just where my sock had been. He wasn't really attached, but immediately I had Glen look at the parts of my legs I couldn't see. Then I looked at his.

There on the back of his thigh was a big tick! It was really attached, I had to pluck him off, but he came off alive and in one piece. Thankfully Glen hasn't even shown the slightest redness there.

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