Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday, June 27, 2014. 3:00 pm

8.04 Miles
86°/ FL 101°  65% Humidity

We began with the plan to walk to,  guess where?  Yes, Cream & Sugar. 

Usually we sort of snake through the neighborhoods before we get to Government Street. Today, though, we walked straight through.  By the time we got to George Street, we realized we would be a little shorter on our miles,  so we went ahead and walked to Broad Street.  Most of the time when we take this route we go from Broad Street  to Augusta,  but this time we turned on Palmetto.  Even though we have walked this way before, I noticed a house I don't remember seeing before.  I was struck by the round room on the side of this house and the rounded tiles which covered it.

At the next corner, we had reached Washington Square. I am always impressed by Washington Square, it reminds me of how many beautiful places the are in our city.

A few houses down the street we saw a house with some beautiful flowers blooming.  I love that about our spring-time and now summer-time walks. . .there are always beautiful flowers to see of so many different varieties and colors.

We had a special treat at Cream & Sugar, our daughter Emmie met us for coffee.  That made a nice treat even sweeter.  It was a temptation to just have her drive us home, but we decided to press on and walk.

The walk home was hot, but thanks to my new hydration pack, I had cool water on the ready all the way.  The pack holds two liters of water and I had read in the reviews if it was filled with ice and water, the water would stay cool.  I had my doubts if that would be true in our weather, but it was.  I finished the last of the water once we arrived at home and it was still nice and cool.  The pack had room for everything I wanted to take and was very comfortable.  In fact, it was more comfortable with this pack, weighing in at 12.5 pounds loaded, than I was with my older pack weighing 9 pounds loaded.

One of the things I enjoy about the areas where we walk are all the old and historical homes.  They are so stately and impressive.  Today we walked by one of my favorite houses in all of Mobile. I love this stone house.  It is on a lovely piece of property and the back of it is as beautiful as the front.

We continued our walk home with a little cloud cover to break up the sunshine.  Even our "hot spot" wasn't as bad as it usually is.  When we were less than a mile from home, a woman stuck her head out of the window and shouted to us, "Y'all do a great job of walking!"  I don't remember ever seeing her before, but we sure appreciated the encouragement.

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