From time to time, we will do a series in the Cafe Powder Room.  As do the individual posts, these deal with issues or interests in our everyday life.  Here are some of the series we have done over time:

Vacation -- this is the story of the planning and implementation of our trip to Boston and New York City in 2010.

A Mother's Heart in War -- These entries were transposed from a paper journal I kept while our son was deployed to Iraq in 2005.  It was quite a while before I had the idea of putting these thoughts on the Cafe Powder Room.  They were not written to be read by anyone and I was not sure at first I wanted to open this mother's heart to the public. but I realized that maybe it might bring comfort or encouragement to someone else along the way.

beyond the bow -- Initially "beyond the bow" was it's own blog, but we decided to incorporate it into the Cafe Powder Room.  These essays describe our adventures while kayaking.  I journaled every trip we have taken, so I was able to go back to that paper journal and include past trips as well.

Kneeling in Blood -- This series began a few weeks before National Nurses Week and was born out of the respect and admiration I gained for Kate Cumming after first finding her grave in a local cemetery here and then reading her diary.  The series centers around excerpts from that diary and comments on nursing today.

Language of Love -- this series was written shortly after my husband was doing some premarital counseling with a couple who lived in two cities.  A great deal of their counseling had to be done by email, and can be found on our website under Thoughts on Marriage, on the Orange Moon Cafe.  My husband encouraged me to write my own thoughts on marriage and that's how this series was born.

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