Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Walk Through My Garden

I sat last night listening to the sounds of my oldest daughter playing the piano and thinking of how much joy that activity in her life has added to mine. As I sat on my bed with my eyes closed, her music filling my ears, I imagined that the sounds were notes floating around my head. Then it occurred to me that in my life, my oldest daughter is like the song of birds and the chirping of crickets. I hear the magic of the music lifting my soul and providing for my heart that which I cannot provide for myself.

Then I began to think of my youngest daughter. Her incredible creativity bursts forth in so many different ways, like wildflowers growing in a field, each a different color and shape and each bringing their own special type of smile. Whether the object of her creativity is a work of art, an item she has designed and made, or a masterpiece created in the kitchen, she never fails to surprise me and to brighten my heart.

Next I thought of my son with his sly wit and core of strength. He is like the spring breeze; it can be gentle, soft and refreshing, or it can be forceful and strong. But if it is missing, the absence of it is incredibly stifling.

My son's wife, is like the rose bush planted on the side of our house. It wasn't here when we moved in, we planted it later, but now it is to us as if it had been there all along. It survives the brutal summers by producing beautiful roses with a wonderful fragrance. She is an addition to our lives which has brought to us a wonderful harvest of blossoms and beauty.

My husband... my husband is the ground, the grass, that which holds me up in all I do and gives me the sure footing upon which to walk. He is the backdrop for everything else in my life.

My two precious grandchildren are raindrops and snowflakes, sunsets and sunrises...magical and mysterious, beautiful and breathtaking, completely gifts from the Lord.

As i walk through my life, my sweet beagle at my feet, I am surrounded with beauty of sight and sound and touch from the lives of those with whom I live each day. The garden of my life is full of wonderful gifts, wonderfully gifted people, all good and perfect gifts from a Good and Perfect Father above, whose pleasure it is to give us, to give ME, His kingdom. (Luke 12:32)

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. " James 1:17