Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday, June 13, 2014 at 4:48 PM

7.65 miles

Today we walked to downtown and walked through some neighborhoods we haven't walked before.

As we got downtown we noticed many streets blocked off and people everywhere. We even saw people wearing huge "people" costumes -I don't Know what else to call them.  We found out all the commotion was for the Art Walk.

When we got to Water Street, we walked up (and down) the steps at the Convention Center four times. There are 48 steps on one side and 52 on the other, so doing both sides gives us 100 steps.  There aren't many places in Mobile with a large amount of continuous steps (or at least that we have access to whenever it suits us) so we have to make due with what we can.

One side of the steps

Then we walked back and did something we had never done before while walking. We stopped at McDonald's and I had an ice cream cone and Glen had a coke. (I have to confess, I am a McDonald's ice cream cone junkie.)

Although we had wanted to walk eight miles, I felt good about the 7 miles since I had worked all night. It was a pleasant evening because the temperature wasn't too high and the company was perfect

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