Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday June 21, 2014 at 8:52 PM

10.65 miles
92°/FL 109°

A new milestone, 700 miles for the year!

It was hot when we started out but I wouldn't have said it felt like 109°!

We were just over a mile, when out of the blue, it started to rain. It wasn't a downpour, but it was a good, soaking shower. It rained for a good while. After that, the steam could be seen riding up off the asphalt.
We walked to the Convention Center and sat on the steps to eat our snack of nuts, cherries and blueberries. We were at the halfway point (we knew that because our goal was 10.33 miles, so I could hit 700 for the year. ) We had thought about walking the steps again, but then decided against it.

On the way back we stopped at the Mediterranean Sandwich Shop for dinner. We had not gone very far after eating when we felt a fine mist on our arms. Then it became a sprinkle. Then rain. When the rain stopped, a haze came up over everything. .. it looked like smoke, but it was the humidity from the rain. It was like walking in Jello. The last part of the walk was very hot and very tiring. We had just turned the corner into Pathways when we passed 10.33. . .700 miles. I wrote out 700 with sticks I had collected along the way and had Glen take a picture of it with my feet.

After that I couldn't wait to get home and peel off 
my wet shoes.
Our route for this walk.

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