Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Crea Man & D'Sugar

Glen and I have been walking together for six months now.  Actually, Glen has been walking for quite a while longer, but I only joined him in January.  I passed the 700 mile mark last Saturday and he is past 2000.

Our walks have gotten progressively longer and we hope to one day section-hike and even thru-hike the Appalachian Trail.

In May, I began journaling our walking experiences, mainly for my own records.  I have decided to add them here if anyone would enjoy reading them with the label, Crea Man & D'Sugar. 

You may wonder about the label.  Our walks are often punctuated by a stop at a local coffee shop called Cream & Sugar.  We will walk several miles, stop for coffee, and then continue our walk.  Especially in the summer, a break for a few minutes (in the air conditioning) is quite refreshing.  It is amazing how those few minutes of rest can regenerate your legs.

We began talking about names on some tee shirts our youngest daughter is making for us, and we immediately thought of Cream and Sugar because our love at stopping at coffee shops while we walk.  Crea Man & D'Sugar is Cream and Sugar, just separated a little differently.  Ironically, neither of us like sugar in our coffee.  Rarely will we do without the cream.

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