Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday June 28th, 2014 6 :32 a.m.

8.02 miles
73°/ Feels Like 73° 95% humidity

This was an unusual walk for us because we started out early.

We have a funeral today,  a service at Allen Memorial and then our grandchildren coming to visit, so we had to walk when we could.  Now,  everyone who knows me realized I am not a morning person. (Good thing I work night shift!) The only thing that can make me move faster than a slug early in the morning is to either go kayaking or walking.

The temperature was very pleasant this morning,  but it was quite humid. Originally  we planned to walk to Starbuck's and back,  but once we got there we decided to go ahead and walk to Cream & Sugar.

Along the way we saw a family walking along the other side of the street.  It turns out they were old friends of ours. . .he was our Sunday School director before we were even married and she was my high school English teacher.

After sharing a cup of cheese grits, we headed home.  Along the way we passed one of Glen's favorite houses in Mobile.

The walk home was pretty with the low temperatures and consistent cloud cover.  Even our "hot spot" wasn't too hot.

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