Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thunderstorms and Rain. . .

Well, for two weekends now, the forecast in the mornings and afternoons has been for thunderstorms and 50-80% chance of precipitation. This morning, the chance was 100% -- it is raining. In our part of the country during the summertime, we get into this weather cycle where the day is punctuated by thunderstorms and rainstorms. Unfortunately, the midday is just too hot, at least for me, to spend out in the sun. So we seem to go a few weeks without kayaking, and I hate that.

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I thought this rainy Saturday morning would be a good opportunity to mention all the wonderful kayaking venues in our area. The place were we have been kayaking lately is where five rivers come together and join to make the prominent bay in our area. This results in a delta that teams with wildlife and waterways to explore and enjoy. There are so many different areas in that region, I feel like we could

Beyond that we have two wonderful beach venues for those who would like to experience sea

Sunset over  Orange BeachImage by Diamondduste via Flickr

kayaking. For just a little road trip, our state has other rivers offering kayaking trips down those rivers.

What a wonderful place to live for people who enjoy spending time on the water.

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