Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Squirrel. . .Here He Is!

Here is an update on my story on the squirrel.

I was walking Sparrow the day after I wrote the story about the squirrel and my neighbor across the street, one of the finest guys you would ever want to know, a former Marine and general taker-care of our neighborhood, told me his wife had a new "baby". At first I thought perhaps they had a new puppy, but as soon as he said the word "squirrel", I knew exactly which little squirrel she had!

Now Ralph and Renee' are no strangers to little squirrels, they have taken in a couple little ones before that have fallen out of trees and Renee' is quite good at nursing them until they are ready to be released and out on their own. But I didn't know how Ralph and Renee' had gotten the squirrel. Had he managed to make it all the way across the street to their house?

It seems someone found the squirrel on the ground in their yard, picked him up and knocked on their door to tell them their squirrel had fallen out of the tree.

"Does he have a bad leg?" I asked Ralph, to make sure it was the little felllow I had been watching.

"Yeah, his back left leg." Yep, that was "my" squirrel alright. Now safe and sound in Renee's care. And by Ralph's report, the leg is already doing better. I have complete confidence that littel guy (the squirrel, not Ralph) will be scampering up the tree in no time.

From now on, I'll look up in the oak trees at the squirrels playing on the branches a little differently. It might be someone I know.

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