Thursday, September 3, 2009

Eyes To See. . .

Monovision. . .wearing only one contact. Until today, that's what I did. I wore one contact in my non-dominant eye (I didn't even know people had a dominant eye until I tried monovision.)

My far vision was perfect -- until today -- but my close vision deteriorated through the years so

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that I can't read anything on the newspaper (although we canceled the newspaper a while back -- but that's another Powder Room) except for maybe the main headline. The contact in my right allows my right eye to see things up close and my left eye - which judges depth - sees things far away.

It took about three days after starting monovision for my brain to figure out which eye to "look" out of, then it was automatic. I never even think about it. At any distance, my vision is perfect and clear.

I tell you this because I especially appreciated the wonder of monovision this weekend. I accidentally went to sleep in my contact Friday night and when I woke up the next morning, it was gone. This was particularly upsetting because it was my last contact and my prescription was expired. The good news is that I had an appointment with the eye doctor today so I won't have to wait too much for my new contacts. The bad news is, my prescription has changed. Now instead of wearing one contact, I will wear two. My right eye, as usual, see up close and my left eye sees far away, but now the left eye sees far away with correction.

So when I have my contacts, I have "eyes to see". When I don't have my contacts, I don't have "eyes to see" -- I can't see anything within arms reach, and those things outside of arms reach are sort of blurry. I have to have the right tools to see what I need to see.

We are the same way with the Lord. We have to have the "eyes of our understanding" to be "enlightened". We can't fully understand the things of the Lord in our own understanding. In essence, I need the Lord to help me put in my "contacts", so that I can see what it is that He has for me to see clearly.

I recognize quite fully that without those contacts, I can't function, I can't see. I know I need to daily not only put them in, but also do what it takes to care for them and my eyes as well. Without my contacts I can live, but I would miss out on so much that makes my life special, that makes my life what it is meant to be to me.

That is the same with my life. Without the Lord's enlightenment, I can still live, but I would miss out on all that makes my life worth living. I must depend upon Him to strengthen me to do those things which will lead me in the way He has called me to walk. Just as the Lord Jesus said of the Father, "My Father worketh hitherto, and I work," (John 5:17), so He works "in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure." (Philippians 2:13).

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