Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Full Complement

We have done the church services at a local convalescent home for many years now. A friend of ours joins us and we have all three done the music together. We have enjoyed singing together as we each sing a different part. Glen sings the melody and plays the guitar for us. I sing the alto and Jack sings tenor. I have enjoyed our singing and our harmonies all these years and been quite satisfied with the results. I didn't know what we were missing.

The last year another friend of ours, Steve, has graciously come to join our ministry efforts. Steve sings with us as well and sings bass. He has completed our quartet and now we have the full complement of voices. I love to listen to how the vocal parts interact during the songs. Sometimes Glen and Jack may share a note, sometimes Steve and I may share a note - though an octave apart. Sometimes Jack and I may share a similar harmony line. The voices interweave through the song supporting each other, giving strength to each other. Sometimes the notes are disconsonant, but always in a way that makes for a stronger chord and makes the next chord progression even more powerful.

This is like the body of Christ. As Christians, our interactions with each other support each other as we allow our lives to be interwoven among each other. Sometimes there may seem to be a disconsonant note, but we may find that leads to a stronger connection and progression further down the "song". Sometimes we share the same note, sometimes we sing the same thing only in a different range, but we are encouraging, exhorting, teaching and uplifting each other.

When Glen, Jack, Steve and I sing together, often Glen will stop playing and we will sing the old hymns a capella, our voices providing the only music. If we are all in tune, there is a particular feeling to it, a rightness, as the notes meld together into one voice -- much like the ingredients in a recipe joining into one cake. Like the cake, it is sweet indeed. The same is true when Christians live together in the unity of the Spirit.

"Behold, how good and how pleasant it is
for brethren to dwell together in unity!"

Psalm 133:1
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