Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wednesday, July 2, 2014 6:45 AM


79°/Feels Like 80°
87% humidity

The temperature this morning was very pleasant,  but the higher humidity made the likelihood of sweating very high.

I felt sluggish at first and I think we had gone a mile before I woke up well. By the second mile, sweat was dropping off my nose and chin.

We walked a different route through the neighborhoods because we knew Cream & Sugar was closed all week.  Our goal was to walk downtown and take a break at Serda's (where the Roasted Red Pepper & Gouda Soup is outstanding.)  
Cathedral Square

We made our way down Dauphin Street.  I love walking this downtown route.  I love passing the
Cathedral and Cathedral Square, especially when children are out playing in the splash-pad.  As we passed the Mediterranean Sandwich Shop, they were using a huge hand-crank to roll out the awning over the shop.  I had never seen that before, so it was pretty neat.

We crossed from Dauphin to Conti and walked up to Royal Street.  There is an old building on Royal Street that is the process of renovation.  A huge crane towered over the building and workers seem to be everywhere, like ants on an anthill.

Serda's Coffee Shop
We were at 5+ miles when we stopped at Serda's.  We come to Serda's often.  It's a great place for a burger, some gelato or the soup we like so much.  Today we just shared a quick cup of coffee before heading off again.

We headed down Conti Street until we reached Broad Street and then turned onto Government Street.  In the heat, this is one of the best venues for walking.  The canopy of oak trees which line both sides of the street make this a cooler walk in the summertime.

The last two miles, though, were not in a shaded canopy.  I could feel the sun bearing down on my shoulders and I could hardly keep the sweat out of my eyes.  By the time we were finished we had consumed all the water in our 2 liter hydration pack, two large water bottles of water and one bottle of electrolyte replacement.

With a mile more to go, we encountered a couple who had run out of gas.  He was trying to push his car in the heat.  Glen told him it would take us fifteen minutes to get home and he would return with some gas for their car.  We walked a good bit faster that last mile knowing how hot that couple was waiting for us.

The temperature when we finished was 89°/feels like 105°, humidity 69%.

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