Monday, July 21, 2014

Follow His Feet

When Glen and I go out walking, we have learned it is best for only one person to decide if it is safe to go at the street crossings.  Glen takes on this role as "navigation."  He will check the traffic and either issue a "Go" or a "Stop."

Sometimes, his feet move before his mouth has told me what to do.  In those situations, I just follow his feet.  I know I won't be wrong if I step when he steps and stands when he stands, even if I haven't audibly heard his voice telling me what to do.

There are times in our lives when we face decisions and just aren't sure which path to take.  It is in those times we must trust the Lord to reveal His path to us.  While we won't hear an audible voice telling us to "go" or to "stop," He will lead us in a "plain path" as the psalmist wrote.

In those times when we truly don't know what the Lord's will is, we should follow His feet.  Which path most closely resembles the character, nature and actions of the Lord Jesus?  Which path most closely aligns to the life He lived, the choices He made and the Person He was and is?

When we start looking at our choices in the view of His choices, our path may become clear indeed.

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