Friday, July 4, 2014

Friday, July 4, 2014 7pm

5.70 miles
86°/Feels Like 88° 49% Humidity

What a wonderful day for a walk!  The temperature was so nice compared to earlier this week.  It felt even lower than 86° to me.  Our entire walk there was a gentle breeze blowing and because we were walking later, the sun had dipped below the tree line almost all of our walk.

If it hadn't been for my legs and feet, it would have been a perfect walk.

My calves and thighs were very sore from our step climb yesterday.  To make that worse, I had to stand for almost six out of my twelve hours at work last night.  Each step I took today reminded me of the hard work we did yesterday.

To add to that, I have a new crop of blisters to deal with.  When I first began walking significant amounts at the end of January, I was plagued with horrific blisters.  It turned out the new shoes I had just purchased for walking were not what I needed to be wearing.  I bought a pair of New Balance shoes in a size larger and that helped stop blister from forming.  To help heal the blisters  I already had, I purchased some gel-lined toe socks.  These turned out to be the very best thing for my blisters, plus they left my feet so soft and smooth when I took them off.

I wore these socks until about three weeks ago.  The gel had eventually started to flake away, and the socks were almost impossible to return to their original white color.  I bought some plain toe socks (I need to keep my toes separated because one of them doesn't play well with the rest.)  These felt comfortable and I wasn't having any problem until recently.

My four blisters spoke to me the whole way we walked.  Fortunately, I have become quite good at treating my blisters and have already implemented the necessary treatment.

If it hadn't been for that, our walk would have been great.  We walked almost to Catherine Street along Government Street and then headed north to Dauphin Street.  From there we headed home.  There was no stop or break at a coffee shop today, something unusual for us.

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