Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Comfortable Place

Less than an hour ago I was asleep, cozy & comfortable in my bed.

When one works night shift, they become experts in making a comfortable sleeping arrangement.

First if all, my room is chocolate brown, to facilitate darkness.  The windows are covered with dark fabric under the curtains to block out all daylight.

When I sleep during the day I can arrange the six pillows on our bed in any way I want,  I can sleep anywhere on the bed, too.

I have a soft velour eye mask and great earplugs that block out the sounds of the world.

My fan keeps me cool and my fluffy cover keeps me warm.  My beagle snuggles next to me for company.

It is very comfortable.  But from where did all that comfort come ?

It came from God, whom the Scriptures describe as "The God of all comfort."

Isn't it just like God that "all comfort" comes from the One who willingly gave up all comfort?

The Scriptures say that the Lord Jesus had no place to let His head, and they refer to Him as the "Man of Sorrows, aquainted with grief."  Born in a manger and died on a cross, He gave up comfort that He might freely give it to us.

So the next time we feel something comfortable...a bed or  a chair, a piece of clothing, the touch of a friend's hand, let us remember to thank the One from which it comes, the Man of Sorrows, the God of all comfort.

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