Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday, July 5, 2014 6:15 PM

6.0 miles
86°/Feels Like 91°  57% humidity

We parked at Catherine Street again tonight so that we could walk downtown without going into double digit miles.  It was a very pleasant evening for a walk, the humidity was low and there was a constant cool breeze blowing.

We followed Government Street to Roper, and that corner is where the house is Glen likes so much.  We walked along Roper in what is called the "Oakleigh Garden District." I love walking in this part of town because of all the old, historic homes with such lovely architecture, beautiful columns and spacious porches.

We turned onto Palmetto and went to George Street.  Even though Cream & Sugar is not open this week, we wanted to go by and see when they open next week.  

After checking at Cream & Sugar, we walked to Broad Street and crossed over to enter what I normally think of as "downtown."  We went past the Big Zion AME Church and I enjoyed looking at the beautiful stained glass windows there.  

Then we walked down Cedar Street, a place I don't think we have ever walked before.  We walked up Cedar Street, Monroe Street and Lawrence Street.  These streets are interesting because they have mostly newer houses that were clearly designed to maintain the flair and flavor of the old homes.  The great predominance of brick gives away their younger age.

Spanish Plaza
Next we came to Civic Center Drive and walked along the west side of the Civic Center.  I have tried for several years to remember where my college graduation had been located, and passing the Theater of the Civic Center brought it back.

We walked across the street to the Spanish Plaza where we sat and ate some nuts and had some water.  We walked down to Jackson Street and then headed North to Government Street.  We kept on Government Street until we were back at Catherine Street and our car.  As we approached the parking lot, the sky was filled with beautiful blues, pinks and golds.

Our route for this walk.

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