Friday, October 26, 2012

We have a new Nurse Manager in our unit. 

Our other Nurse Manager had been there for 25 years, pretty much as long as any of us remember.  In fact, she hired most of us.  Only one of us knew our new manager, Lorie, before she came to be our Nurse Manager.

The day shift nurses started to know Lorie better than those of us who work night shift.  We only saw her for a few minutes before we carried our sleepy bodies home to bed. 

Then she came and worked a week with us.  We were able to work side by side with her, to chat with her and to just get to know her.  It made a world of difference in our thoughts and attitudes because she went from someone we knew about to being someone we knew.

Imagine what it was like for the disciples to be with the Lord Jesus for those three years! 

They lived with Him, heard all His words,  watched His actions. . .how glorious that must have been.  But before we become jealous of what the disciples had then, let's remember during that time they did not have, nor could they even conceive of, the Holy Spirit living in them.  That didn't happen until Pentecost.  They knew the Lord, but they didn't really know Him until the Lord came to indwell them, until He came to be in them.

God was closer to the disciples after the Lord Jesus ascended into Heaven than when He walked the earth with them because He was in them.  This is true of us as believers today.  The Lord is closer to us today than He was with the disciples while He was on this earth because He is IN us.  Nothing can change that, nothing can remove Him from our hearts.  The Scriptures say He is bound to our spirits in such a way that we are "one spirit" (1Co 6:17).

Let us marvel at the time the disciples spent here on the earth with our Lord, but let us rejoice that we have Him in us now and we will have a glorious eternity filled with exploring the wonders of a God greater than we can ever imagine.  No matter how dreary the day here seems, "we have great days ahead."

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