Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Himalaya

The Himalaya
The Himalaya (Photo credit: Benimoto)
When I was teenager, I used to go to the State Fair, mainly for the greasy fair food and the fair rides.  One of my favorite rides was "The Himalaya".  On this ride a series of cars traveled around a circuit, dipping up and down to loud music.  Midway through the ride the direction of the cars would change and they would go backward.  When this occurred, you knew the ride was half-way over.

Today we were talking with someone we know about being in our fifties.  He said he didn't like being fifty because he knew it meant "this ride is half over."  As soon as I heard that statement I felt sad. To think that these few years upon this earth might be all there is would truly give a terrible feeling as we begin to reach our older ages. 

But if we are Christians, we have that joyous hope and knowledge that our life will never be "half over", because we have eternal life. . .we will live forever.  Our physical body may pass away, but we will immediately live somewhere else, somewhere much better.  We can look at each passing day, each passing week, each passing year not with sadness and dread, but with joy and excitement. Our "ticket" isn't just for a ride of a few minutes, but for a long and glorious eternity that offers wonders greater than we can ever imagine.  As my husband often says, "There are great days ahead."
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