Friday, October 19, 2012

Magic Every Moment

Today we went kayaking and I had such an incredible experience.  First of all, the water was beautiful.  It was calm and at some places it was a slick as glass.  The sky was full of soft, fluffy clouds that made twin reflections in the clear surface of the water.  There were a few fish jumping here and there and a soft breeze was blowing.  But all those things happen frequently when we kayak.  What we don't encounter are the butterflies.

A Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus) on a Pu...
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Never before have we been kayaking when the sky was full of monarch butterflies.  They were fluttering across the sky and flying low enough for us to see the beautiful patterns on their wings.  While we were paddling, a song came over my mp3 player entitled, "Magic Every Moment," by Dan Fogelberg.  One of the lines in this song goes:

There's magic every moment, there's miracles each day.

As those words were ringing in my ears I thought of what a "magical" moment it was out on the bay, the beauty of the water and sky all around and the monarch butterflies escorting us.  In our lives, the Lord gives us so many "magical" moments if we will just open our eyes to see His work, His handiwork and His provision in our lives.  Look for Him, look for those things which point to Him and see the miracles surrounding us each day.

Update: I don't know how this post got the title "The Shy Man."  That's the title of another post for another day.  Sometimes there just hasn't been enough sleep on board when I start typing!

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