Thursday, April 28, 2011

beyond the bow. . .April 21, 2011

We were determined for this trip to not deal with strong currents or high waves. We had decided upon a sunset trip and timed our start so we had plenty of time out.

Instead of Mobile Bay, we traveled a little more eastward and put in at Chacaloochee Bay. We decided to head down toward Apalachee River. The water was still cool, still in the sixties, but not too cool to be uncomfortable.

Without having to struggle with the current or the waves, I could easily remember why I love kayaking. I love the peacefulness of it. I love the smell of the sea. I love the feel of the water on my arms and face. I love the sounds of the water, of the birds and of the fish jumping. I told Glen that this season was the season one of those fish were going to jump right into one of our boats!

We reached the river and decided to cross the river and then paddle gently along the shoreline. As we started across the river, it was obvious we had not escaped the current. It was a strong push to get to the other side of the river and once there, the current was strongly pushing us toward the shore. This would not be the gently paddle we had in mind.

We started down the river, but it was all I could do to keep my boat straight. The current kept pushing me in toward shore. After a while, I maneuvered to a position more toward the center of the river. Glen was then closer to the shore and could feel the strong current I had been fighting.

Finally we decided to head back to Chacaloochee Bay to find a spot to eat our snacks we had brought. We made it to where the bay meets the river and we must have found the perfect spot in the currents because our boats didn't drift one bit as we ate.

We sat for a while and then headed back toward the put-in. Once there, we still had plenty of time before sunset, so we passed the put-in and paddled further in the bay. With the sunlight quickly disappearing, the breeze blowing and the water still cool, it wasn't long before I was cold. I stood it just about as long as I could. We ended up leaving before we actually saw the sun disappear along the horizon, but we were able to see the sunset on our drive home.

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