Thursday, September 16, 2021

Over Three Years? Inexcusable!

 I can't believe it has been over three years since I wrote on this blog.  I don't actually know how I fell out of the habit of writing, I just know it happened.  Life became busier and somehow taking the time to write seemed to be a luxury I could not afford.

The other day was my granddaughter's fourteenth birthday and I pulled up the blog to find an entry I had written on the day of her birth.   While I did not find that entry, I did find several I had written about Emma and her older brother Jack, and I enjoyed reading through them.  It brought to mind how much I miss writing about the people, events and things important in my life.

So much has happened in these last three years of which I could have written.  Our beautiful granddaughter Evelyn - named after her great-grandmother - was born.  Our sweet beagle Sparrow died of congestive heart failure at 13 years of age.  We brought home a new beagle puppy, Ellie, who is now 18 months old. The COVID pandemic rocked our world, especially those of us in healthcare, and in fact is still doing so. Hikes have been hiked, holidays celebrated, birthdays have come and gone.  Babies have been born, friends and neighbors have died.  Our grandchildren have been great blessings to us and our grown children continue to amaze us.  And yet, not a word.  Not a word written here to chronicle those events, to place them in the perspective of God's working in our lives.  Just silence.

For me, this is inexcusable.  What could have been so pressing and important in my life that it crowded out something I love doing, something I have wanted to do my whole life?

This brings to mind another aspect of our lives that sometimes seems to just slip away.  Prayer.

Sometimes I think we make prayer so difficult, we add so many "rules" to it, that we just end up not doing it.  We don't mean to, we may not even know how we fell out of praying, we just know it happened. This too, is inexcusable.

Our Lord loves us so much, He sent His beloved Son to purchase our salvation so we could have quick and ready access to Him.  How often something has mistakenly taken priority over prayer, how often has prayer been the very thing I needed to do and yet it was the last thing to come to my mind.

Prayer is such a simple thing.  Anywhere, anytime, simply talking to Someone who loves us infinitely, Who asks us to "let me hear thy voice; for sweet is thy voice..." (Song of Solomon 2:14).  

Now I can be very quiet sometimes, but if Glen doesn't hear my voice for a bit, he wants to know what is wrong.  People who love each other love to communicate with each other.  In fact, when our family is together, you often must be very proactive to get a word in edgewise in our conversations.  We love each other and therefore it is very easy to communicate.

I think if we can ever get the truth in our hearts that our voices are sweet to God, that our prayers mix with the incense around His throne, we will more easily, more readily talk to Him.  About the big things, the little things, the sad things, the funny things, about whatever and whenever. Let us determine to share our days with the One who loves us more dearly than we can ever imagine.

"...the prayer of the upright is His delight."

Proverbs 15:8 

If My Voice

Words and Music by Glen Davis

If my voice is sweet to you, Lord,
As Your Word declares,
And if somehow you find delight in my prayers.
And if Your face You call me to seek, Lord,
Your face I will seek…
And my voice You will hear…

If My Voice 

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