Monday, September 27, 2021


 We have a 1 1/2 year old beagle named Ellie.  She is a sweet thing, but like all beagles, she is a little difficult to train.  We are making slow progress, but she is still a little reactive concerning some things.  Her triggers tend to certain things in motion.  Big trucks, bicycles, runners can all get her excited and pulling at the leash.  We are teaching her how to calm down, and one way we do this is to try to see the trigger before she does so we can reroute her or block her vision of the trigger.  She is getting better and she just needs us to stay consistent to help learn calmness.

I am a firm believer in "triggers," especially when it comes to prayer.  I believe prayer should be an ongoing discourse between us and the Lord and not just a once or twice a day thing.  To help me remember to pray for certain people, or groups of people, I have triggers to prompt my memory.  For example, when I hear a siren (which is often since we live near a fire station) I remember to pray for the first responders among our family and friends.  One of our friends used to drive  a school bus, and when I see one, I remember to pray for her.  I have several triggers and today I added a new one.

There are a couple young women with whom I am friends and they both are having difficulties in relationships.  They are both Christians and want to have the person the Lord wants them to be joined with.  They both want loving relationships that honor the Lord.  I have committed to pray for these smart young women and I wanted a trigger to help me remember to do just that.  

Several years ago, I lost a good amount of weight and my wedding ring slides around on my finger.  Even with a ring guard in place, I often find it oriented the wrong way. (The jeweler tells me that if we tried to resize it, the baguettes would pop out.)  I have decided this symbol of my own marriage is a perfect trigger to remember to pray for these young women.  Anytime i find myself twisting my ring back into place, I will lift their names to the Lord who created marriage in the first place.

I find it an honor to pray for these women, and all the other recipients of my triggers.  Often we want to help in situations, but don't know what to do, or can't actually do anything. . .that is, except pray.  We can pray anytime, anywhere.  When a person's name or face flits into our thoughts, we can let that be a trigger for prayer.  We don't have to know the particulars of their lives right now, the Lord knows.  We don't have to know their needs, He knows that, too.  He knows how He wants to work in their lives, we just enter into agreeing with Him on their behalf.  Anywhere, anytime. Pray.

"I will therefore that men pray everywhere, 

lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting." 

1 Timothy 2:8

At the Drop of a Heart

Words and Music by Glen Davis

At the drop of a heart,

You can come to Me.

You need not wait

‘til you’re  on your knees.

For I have made a way

 for you to come to Me

At the drop of a heart,

At the drop of a heart,

O come to me.

Anytime and any place,

You can seek My face.

For everywhere 

you’ll ever be,

You will need My grace.

Just open up your eyes,

And altars you will see,

 at the drop of a heart,

At the drop of a heart,

You can come to Me.

I am with you now,

And I will always be.

Our hearts are

 joined as one.

Oh I will never leave.

The sound of your voice

Is in my ears so sweet…

At the drop of a heart,

At the drop of a heart,

Come to Me.

At the drop of a heart

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