Thursday, February 22, 2018

Pride and Destruction

This past Saturday Glen and I walked the "Second Annual Orange Moon Marathon."  This is our second year to do this and we were this year, as we were last year, the only two participants.  This year we followed a certified marathon course in our city and kept friends and family posted along the way.  We had a great time.

Because of a missed turn early in the course, we actually ended up with 26.54 miles instead of the 26.2 miles which marks a marathon.  At the end we only had some tiredness in our legs which was gone after a short rest.  We -- at least I-- was pretty proud of this accomplishment with little wear and tear on our bodies, especially at our age.

Then I decided to move our box springs and mattress (with our beagle sitting atop) to install a wifi electrical outlet.  The pulling of that furniture on my already tired legs resulted in a pull of a muscle in my hip.  I spent the rest of the night on a heating pad with a TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator) on my back.  The next day I was fine if I was standing or walking.  But after any sitting, the flexion of my hip caused me to feel "stuck" in that position.  It took a few moments to stretch out fully and for the pain to go away.  I spent the second night on the same heating pad.  

Of course, I thought of this verse:

"Pride goeth before destruction , and an haughty spirit before a fall."  (Proverbs 16:18.)

When attempting anything in our own strength and effort, we will always meet some form of destruction along the way.  Mainly because we have decided to put our trust in human effort rather than trust the Divine strengthening God promises to His children.

Our Lord loves us so very much and He has given His Son as the supply for our every need.  Our only responsibility is to trust Him by faith to be that supply, to be that strength for every situation we may face.  We are to fully trust Him in everything and for everything.  Our pride is to be in Him.

"I am the vine, ye are the branches:  
He that abideth in Me, and I in him,
 the same bringeth forth  much fruit:  
for without Me ye can do nothing."  
John 15:5

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