Friday, June 8, 2012

The Most Beautiful Thing

I have seen a lot of beautiful things in my life.

When we were in Washington, D.C. we were riding the Metro and I saw the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.   She had creamy brown skin, silky long black hair and huge black eyes.  It was her eyes that drew my attention and kept it.  I have never seen a more beautiful set of eyes on a woman.  I know she must have thought I was crazy, but I could not stop looking at her.

Statue Of Liberty
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While we were in New York, we visited the Statue of Liberty.  Seeing that statue so proud and tall in New York harbor was an incredibly beautiful site, one which brought tears to my eyes.

I have often thought one of the most beautiful things in the world are little baby feet and hands.  I am blessed to work in a place where I am given the opportunity to see such sights regularly.

My husband and I frequently choose to kayak either at sunrise or sunset and the rising and setting of the sun never fails to amaze me with its beauty.  Each time I tell myself beforehand that I am not going to bother to take more pictures and each time the beauty astounds me and I begin snapping away.

English: Waterfall in Donegal, Ireland
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My grandchildren love to look at the pictures of Ireland I have as a screensaver on my computer.  We go through the pictures and they talk about each one and why they like it so much.  The green hillside, the waterfalls, the beaches are some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen.

Amid all these beautiful things though, we cannot find the most beautiful thing we will ever see.  That is yet to come.  No matter what beauties face us in this life, there is one awaiting us in the next that will outshine everything we have ever known or thought of as beautiful.  One day we will look into the face of the Lord Jesus Himself and all thought of previous beauty will fly away, for He alone will be that one thing most beautiful.

How wonderful to thing that our best days, our most beautiful sights, are yet ahead.

"Mansions will glisten on the hills of glory,
Happy reunions on streets of gold.
Angel choirs singing glad praises forever,
But Jesus will out-shine them all."
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