Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Friendly Guide

This past December, our daughter Emmie went to England and Italy. 

It was her first trip abroad and her first flight ever.  You might have thought she would have had several reasons to fear:  going so far away, flying for the first time -- and a transatlantic flight at that, being in new countries, one which doesn't speak English, dealing with different currencies.  But Emmie was not afraid.  She was excited and thrilled.  Why?  Because she had a friendly guide.  She was traveling with her boyfriend and his family, who are from England. 

While the country was all new to her, it was home to them. Emmie, Sheldon and his family had a wonderful time during their month in Europe.  She had a great time because she was guided by kind, knowledgeable persons during her stay.  When we know where we are going, or we know the person who is leading us knows where they are going, we can be at peace.  If we don't know where we are going, then fear truly does tend to set in.

Sometimes we look ahead to our future and we begin to let the unknowns of it frighten us.  We have not been there.  We don't know the "currency" of it, so to speak.  We don't know how things will go.  But if we are Christians, we have a kind, friendly guide to take us each step of the way.  As Sheldon and his family protected and led Emmie through the streets and by-ways of England, our Lord will lead us and protect us through the twists and turns of our future.  It does  not mean we will be pain-free.  Neither was Emmie.  She took a bad turn on a narrow flight of stairs and broke her toe while she was gone.  But she was cared for by a most gracious and loving family.

Whatever the darkness of the future holds for us, whether it is a sunny day of sight-seeing or a painful night in the Emergency Room with a broken toe, we can know that our Lord is there.  He is with us and in us and there is nothing that will befall us that has taken Him by surprise.  He is our friendly Guide, our Comforter and our Protector.

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