Monday, September 13, 2010

beyond the bow. . .

September 10, 2010

This was such a nice trip.

We put in at Pole Cat Bay, which was very calm. This should have warned us that Mobile Bay would not be smooth. As we crossed under the bridge to Mobile Bay, we could tell we would once again have waves to deal with. But his time they seemed to come from every direction. Water crashed upon us from every side of our boat, on our arms and legs and in our faces. I experienced some of the biggest crashes down from waves ever.

Once we paddled past the Battleship, the water smoothed out some as the wind died down. Our goal was to find our little sandy beach area for a real picnic this time. In the cooler on Glen's boat was fried chicken, potato salad, rolls and even dessert! We paddled along, scanning the scoreline for our little "beach". The further we paddled, the more evident it became, there was no shore, our beach was underwater. We reverted to plan B.

We decided to paddle back out to the water from the shoreline. We leashed the boats together and had our "picnic" right there in the bay on the water. It was a delicious meal and the scenery was perfect. As we enjoyed our southern cuisine, the current gently pushed us back toward the bridge. The paddle back was fairly easy even though the waves were still a bit rough, the current carried us along even more than our own effort.

We made such good time returning, thanks to the strong current, we could sit in our boats on Pole Cat Bay and watch the most gorgeous sunset. The sky was painted colors of gold, pink, red and silver that I could never begin to adequately describe. As we pulled our boats ashore, I told Glen that if heaven is anymore beautiful than that,, we will have to be glorified just to handle it!

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