Monday, August 24, 2009

The Infinitesimal and the Infinite

Preachers often begin sermons on "The Glory of God" by speaking of the vast array of the universe

In 1995, the majestic spiral galaxy {{w|NGC 44...Image via Universe

. In fact, I heard one of these sermons this week. Looking into a star-filled night sky it is no wonder we look up and think of God.

"If He created all this," our minds speculate, "what must HE be like?" The answer resounding in our spirits is that which fills us with awe. But I want to take us in a less spectacular direction.

I recently had a culture done for an infection. From that culture there were greater than 100,000 colonies of organisms of a particular bacteria growing on that dish of agar. Not greater than 100,000 organisms of bacteria, mind you, but greater than 100,000 colonies of organisms. While a colony begins with one organism, it can grow to consist of a million organisms!

Microbial growth medias: a petri dish with a b...Image via Wikipedia

To think the Lord could create such tiny living creatures that millions of them could fit in a four inch flat dish -- a whole nation unto itself, each colony a little city. Greater still to think the Lord knows each organism in each colony in each agar dish in every city in every nation, everywhere.

From the infinitesimal to the infinite, our God is the Lord and Creator of it all.


Anonymous said...

Think of the mustard seed.

Frances Davis said...

Only a tiny bit of faith is required, such is grace!