Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday, May 26, 2014 at 12:00 PM

5.02 miles
84°/ Feels Like 90° 66% humidity.
Today we walked at Blakely Park.

It seemed fitting that on Memorial Day we walked the battlefields of the last battle of the Civil War. It was hard to imagine soldiers hunkered down in the breastworks, or dying in the very spots where we were walking.

It took us a little bit to find a place to park. The trails were poorly marked and the map didn't seem to readily correspond to what we saw on the ground. We just started out on something that looked like a trail and we made it to the battlefield, the Confederate Breastworks and the Union Breastworks. This trail just seemed to loop around so when we came to a fork in the road, we took another direction.

I knew one trail led down to Blakely river but I couldn't get our bearings with the paper map they gave us when we came into the park. I looked at our map on May-My-Walk and followed the trail down to the river by watching our progress on the screen of my phone. 

There was a nice boardwalk along the river and we followed this to the end. It made a big loop back to the main trail we followed down to the river.

At first the walk seemed very pleasant, warm but not hot. Then suddenly I felt as if I was on fire. I was pouring sweat and I felt as if I was walking through mud. I wondered if maybe my blood sugar was low because I hadn't really eaten much before we left.  I remembered Glen had packed some sweet ice tea in our bag. A few slugs of that and in a few minutes I felt much better. It stayed hot to me, although Glen said he didn't feel hot at all.  But then he is much more heat-acclimated than I am.

I was surprised at the bugs we encountered. They were vicious and relentless. I don't think I have ever sprayed bug spray on my face before, but they were trying to get in my nose, mouth and ears. Several times I was bitten through my pants, so I sprayed my clothes as well.

When we first started, the trail was full of tiny frogs. . .just heads and feet, they didn't seem to have any bodies. They jumped around so fast when we walked by, I hope we didn't step on any. I also saw several salamanders which were definitely more afraid of us than us of them.

Blakely River
While walking to the river, Glen spotted a snake in the road, but it had been run over so it was of no threat. I looked for snakes, especially along the river, but didn't see any.  I am looking forward to walking here again, especially since we will be more familiar with the trails and the layout of the park.

Our route for this walk.

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