Wednesday, March 26, 2014


As a Labor & Delivery nurse, I am often called to also be a scrub nurse during the surgeries we have in our unit, mostly Cesarean Section deliveries, and our patients are almost always awake at the time.  This means she can hear everything that  is said during her surgery.

I remember when our son was born, also by C-Section, my doctor and my husband spent the whole time discussing baseball, because it was the time of year for the World Series.  Although I'm not much of a baseball fan, I can still remember parts of the conversation three decades later.

One thing a patient never wants to hear during her surgery, however, is "Uh-oh."

Once, when I was the scrub nurse, I wanted to throw an unused and unwanted piece of disposable equipment off the scrub table.  I aimed for the nearby garbage, but instead nearly hit the Nursery nurse.  A surprised "Uh-oh" issued out of my lips.  Immediately, all eyes turned to that sound.

The great majority of time when this utterance is made, as with mine, it is over some minor occurrence, such as a dropped instrument or because something unexpected has occurred. Rarely does it even have anything to do with the surgery itself. The patient, however, whose view is hidden by a drape at the head of the bed, has no idea the "Uh-oh" is not significant.

Fortunately, there are no "Uh-oh" moments with our God.

Our Lord has seen and anticipated every moment we will experience in our lives.  He knows the things we know infinitely better than we do and He knows completely the things we have no idea about.  They may be "Uh-oh"s to us, but not to Him.

What a comfort!  There is nothing that can befall us that takes Him by surprise, and He has promised to work all things, all things -- the "Uh-oh" moments, too -- for our good.  This should be a balm to our heart and an encouragement to our spirits to know our God is great enough to even take care of the "Uh-oh" moments.

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