Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"I Must Be Really Special. . ."

Whenever our grandchildren come to visit, one thing our granddaughter Emma loves to do is to look at "her book." 

By that she is referring to a pink journal which I started for her before she was even born.  I have written in this journal for the last five years.  When her father was away in various training and deployments with the Marine Corps, I would put his letters for her in there.  Last Valentine's Day, he sent her a beautiful card full of pictures of Disney princesses, which she loves.

Emma loves to look at her "book," even though she can't yet read any of the words.  She especially loves to take out her father's letters and open up her card and have me read it to her.  This weekend, as she was looking at these things, she said, "I must be really special for my daddy to have sent me all of this!"

That was exactly the thought her daddy wanted her to have because she is very special to him, and to all of us, and she has the book to prove it.  Perhaps that's why she loves to look at it every time she is here.

One day, when she is older, she will be able to sit down and read all the things "Grannie Frannie" has written to her over the years in her book. She will read about things we have done that she has long since forgotten, which will remind her of just how much she is loved and just how "really special" she is to all of us.

As Christians, we each have a "book" that we can look at as well, and the pages of that book reveal to us that we are "really special" to the Lord.  Every page reveals the Lord Jesus and His great love for us.  We don't have to read very far to be reminded that His thoughts are always on us, that His love is shed abroad in our hearts, and that one day He is coming again to take us back to be with Him.  We can turn to those pages for comfort, for encouragment, for instruction, for wisdom, for correction, and simply to be reminded that our God loves us.

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