Friday, March 26, 2010

Vacation, The Supply in the Suitcase -- 44 Days to Go

Every Friday until our vacation, we will post items concerning our upcoming vacation.

44 Days to Go

I am beginning to plan what has to be packed for our trip. Not the clothes, but all the other "stuff". I am one of those people who ask themselves "what if?" questions while preparing for a trip.

"What if one of us becomes ill? Do I have the right medication?"

"What if one of us hurts themselves? Do I have first aid supplies?"

"What if we need to charge our computers or cell phones while on the road? Do I have a power inverter?"

"What if we want to take coffee and snacks?" Do I have the thermos, cooler and a bag ready?"

You see how it goes. Basically I am a boy-scout in a woman's body. Always be prepared is my attitude. So I am making those lists (we've already talked about that haven't we?) so I can check everything off as it is packed up and loaded in the car.

I have to not only anticipate what might be needed or wanted, but I also have to know the people with whom I am traveling. What my older daughter may need or want may not be the same as what my youngest daughter may need or what and that surely isn't the same as what my husband would need and want.

My goal is to always be able to reach into a suitcase or bag and pull out the thing they need when they need it. Before they would even know they had the need, the supply would have been packed away in the suitcase waiting to be used.

Our Lord is that way. He is prevenient. His supply is there before the need. We don't always see that because we don't always seek Him as our supply. (Just like my family may not ask me if I have the item that may be tucked inside the suitcase.) But if the need is in our life, in some way, shape or form, the Lord has already provided Himself the supply for that need. He is always the answer. Sometimes it may look like money or provisions or strength or peace or comfort is the answer, but behind the appearance, He is always the answer.

"And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear. "
Isaiah 65:24

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