Friday, March 19, 2010

Vacation, The Journey and the Destination -- 51 Days to Go.

Every Friday until our vacation, we will post items
concerning our upcoming vacation.

51 Days to Go.

It is exciting to contemplate traveling to a city --or in our case, cities-- to which you have never been. But in this age of information and internet, you can virtually travel everywhere before you even arrive.

We are at the point in planning our trip where we are deciding exactly where we want to go and what we want to see when we get there. In one city we are going on a whale watching tour. In another, we will do a walking tour of different food establishments in a particular part of the city. All four of us cook, and we all love to eat good food, so this should be especially enjoyable to us.

We have been on the website of various notable restaurants choosing which ones we will like to visit, based on their menus. We have looked at different landmarks trying to decide which ones we would like to visit the most. We know we will be going to one Major League baseball game during our trip. And we have tried to leave time for just "looking around" the cities.

We have talked to friends and family who have visited these cities and have tried to glean from them their advice and wisdom. It's exciting to know that in 58 days we will be on the road, headed for these places we have anticipated for so long.

In a way, it reminds me of our sojourn here as Christians. We learn about Heaven through the Scriptures and we have glimpses of what it will be like, but we can't know for sure until we get there. The one thing we do know is that it will be complete pleasure and comfort and peace and joy because the One who is Peace and Joy will be at the heart and center of it all. We will look back at our lives here as simply preparation and the journey to get there. And we won't have to pack anything!

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