Friday, February 12, 2010

A Mother's Heart in War . . . A Mother's Thanks

The Friday entries of "The Powder Room" are currently from a journal which I started when we found out our son was going to be deployed with the United States Marine Corps to Iraq. The journal was not written with the intention that it would ever be read by anyone else, much less published in any way. There are feelings in the journal that are deep and true and I wasn't sure at first I wanted to share them. But there are many sons and daughters still serving in our armed forces and I think it might be good to share "a mother's heart" with you what those other mothers may be facing. The entries are shared as a tribute to my son and his service to our country, and to all those sons and daughters who continue to willingly place themselves in harm's way for the protection and preservation of liberty.

Day 268, March 1, 2005

A Mother's Thanks
(a note sent to all our family and friends)

My greatest fear during Noah's deployment was not for his safety. In the midst of the worst news reports, the Lord has given me such peace and a sense of assurance that my son was safe. So many people have told me that they pray daily for Noah. The magnitude of the answers of those prayers has just begun to dawn on me.

Noah once told us that they were continually shot at and even during his phone calls home, enemy fire was sometimes audible. How amazingly faithful is our God, that my son should return home alive and well. How can I ever thank all those who have at any point uttered a prayer upward on behalf of my son?

Noah is due to be back on American soil this time next week (Praise the Lord) and should be home within a couple weeks after that. I do not have the vocabulary to express what I feel in the way of thankfulness to you for your prayers. Please let a mother's feeble words and flowing tears, (which are there even if you cannot see them) express the heart that cannot be captured in language.

Your prayers for Noah are the greatest gift you could have ever given me. Thank you and thank you and thank you.


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