Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gone in a Wisp, a Vapor

I was thinking today about one of those perplexing questions about eternity. . .you know, the type of question that has no answer and begins to hurt your head if you think about it too long. As my brain began to spin with the thinking, I was suddenly struck with another thought:

When we finally reach heaven, all the things we have pondered long and hard, and seem so important here, will probably in reality be so insignificant there.

a momentImage by yourauntjam via Flickr

In all likelihood, it will be like preparing for a wedding. A bride obsesses over so many tiny details that when the day finally approaches, they don't seem to matter so much. After all, does it really matter if the napkins at the reception match the bridemaids dresses perfectly? All the little details seem to fall aside in the joy and happiness of what really is going on that day.

I think when we finally arrive in Heaven, and we first catch a glimpse of that Face that we love more than any other, all the questions and quandaries that have seemed so important here will melt away. The will be gone in a wisp, nothing but a vapor. All that will matter will be our hand in that nail-scarred Hand.
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