Friday, April 11, 2014


Yesterday, Glen and I decided to take a long walk.  I mean a L-O-N-G walk.  We chose Baldwin County as our destination and mapped out a route from Daphne to Fairhope and back.  Our trek was 13.11 miles.
When planning the route, I had not thought about the elevation involved.  In fact, I was quite surprised along the way at the number of hills we encountered.  It was easy seeing them looming upon our horizon to focus our eyes upon the crest of the hill (or what we thought was the crest, because sometimes it just led to more hill.)
Instead, I decided to  focus my attention on the area right in front of my feet.  I keep saying to myself, "Just one more step, just one more step."  The whole trek was simply a series of one step after another, for a total of 41,532.48 steps (give or take a few, if my calculations and GPS are correct.)
This morning we have both found sore muscles in our legs and hips where we didn't even know there were muscles.  It was the hills that have made us stronger.  On the downhills, it was easy to forget about our stride, our form, and let gravity take over, but up the hill was totally different.  It was one step after another.
Our lives are like that.  Some times our lives are exciting and fun and those feelings can take over and control us if we allow.  Some times are mundane and flat.  Some times are uphill. . .a difficult struggle. Our calling is to focus on the Lord and what He has done in our lives, what He is doing right now and trust what He will be doing in the future.  We don't need to fear what may happen in the future, but we should focus on what He has put in front of us this very day, this very hour, this very minute.  
Step by step by step. . . He will be with us in the difficult steps, the mundane steps and the exciting steps.
Psalms 37:23
"The steps of  a good man are ordered by the Lord:
and he delighteth in His way."  
Frances Davis

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