Monday, May 13, 2013

"Great Minds" or The One Great Mind

For those of you who read both this blog and my husband's devotional, "The Special of the Day. . . From the Orange Moon Cafe," you will have noticed Friday we both wrote about the same topic, a man we had met the day before named Alfred.

The parallel blog posts are interesting.  They were written about the same topic.  They were written at the same time.  We were both sitting on opposite ends of the same couch in the same room as we typed our respective posts.  But neither of us knew the subject of the other's blogs until later in the day when we were running errands and Glen mentioned having written about Alfred. 

"I wrote about him, too!"  I immediately thought of people who might read both posts, thinking we had coordinated our efforts, but that was not the case.  We had not coordinated our thoughts, but Someone else had coordinated our inspiration.

We have seen things like this happen over and over again throughout the years, especially in various services we perform.  Perhaps someone will be scheduled to sing a song and will unknowingly choose one that fits perfectly with the speaker's topic.  Often in our Tuesday services,  I will read one of my blog posts and the post I have read will seem to underscore the words that Glen later shares.

This coordination is not random or coincidence, it is the working of Holy Spirit in and through our lives.  He lives in and through us and when we submit ourselves to His leading, He can coordinate the efforts of His children and dovetail them together to meet His needs.  I could say that Glen and I both writing on the same topic was the result of "great minds thinking alike," but I would rather say it is the result of two minds being led by the One Great Mind.

Isaiah 30:21 

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