Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Welcome Home Children

We had the pleasure this past weekend of attending the 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration for my sister and her husband.  All of her five children were in attendance and almost all of her seventeen grandchildren.   I enjoyed seeing family members I hadn't seen for many years and to have so many gathered into one place for such a happy occasion.

I know that as my sister and brother-in-law looked out over the crowd of well wishers and saw their children and grandchildren, siblings and cousins, it must have made their hearts swell with pride and love.  My husband commented Sunday in our chapel service it reminded him how it must be for the Lord when He welcomes His dear children home.

That reminded me of this song which was very popular in the years when my husband and I first began dating.  A very talented young woman in our church used to sing it quite a lot and it always seemed to touch my heart.  I hope this version sung by these two little girls touches yours today.

Welcome Home Children

A great day is coming

Heaven's gates will open wide
and all who love the Lord will enter in
To join with their loved ones
Who in Jesus Christ have died
Their eternal life in heaven will begin

And the Lord himself will greet us
Oh what joy will fill that day
When with the voice of the proudest father
He'll look at us and say

Welcome home children this is the place I've prepared for you
Welcome home children now that your work on earth is through
Welcome home children ye who have followed so faithfully
Welcome home children, Welcome home children!
Here where I am you shall always be, Forever rejoicing with me!

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