Monday, March 18, 2013

"My Book"

Our grandson Jackson, who is just finishing the first grade, loves to read.

I am amazed at the words he easily reads without any hesitation or  difficulty.  I am quite sure I was in at least the third grade before I knew many of the words he reads today without even finishing the first grade.

When Jackson was almost ten months old I started writing a journal for him.  I wrote thoughts I had of him, stories of things we have done together, stories about his father, his aunts and his grandfather.  He and his sister Emma love to take down "their books" and look at them.

This weekend when Jackson and Emma were staying with us, Jackson took down his book and turned to the very first page.  There on the end-page I had written these words:


I wish I had started this sooner, and I guess I will stop it when it ends, but I wanted to take some time to let you know you are special and loved and that you have a wonderful place in my heart.
                                                                                 Grannie Frannie"

Since I print more than I write in cursive, Jackson easily began to read the words aloud, not having any idea what he was reading, or who they were from.  When he came to the last two, he pointed to them and said, "What's that say?"

When I told him "Grannie Frannie,"  he got the biggest smile on his face and immediately turned around to me for a huge, and I mean HUGE, hug.  It was obvious the words had touched his little heart.  It was even more special that this very first time he read the words himself he did so when the author was right there beside him waiting for his response.  It was a moment I will never forget and I will be sure to write it in his journal so he will be able to remember it later as well.

We, too, have a "journal" written to us by One who loves us, who finds us to be special and who has made a special place for us in His heart.  How wonderful when we read the words of those pages and discover, as did little Jackson, that Someone loves us enough to write it down, to record it, to put it to paper.  Even more wonderful when we know that the Author is right there with us waiting for our response.  Our heavenly Father can be no less blessed with our reading His words than I was blessed by Jackson reading what I had written to him.  And the cost of our Father's "journal" is so much greater.

I have written in Jackson's journal so that he could know me long after I am gone, so he could know things of his parents, his grandfather, his aunts that he might not remember or ever have opportunity to know otherwise.  Mostly I wanted him to know just how greatly loved he is.  The same is true with the Scriptures given to us as our "journal" from the Lord.  Let us take every opportunity we can to explore what is written in "our book" and to learn what our Lord has said for us, to us and about us.

"I will delight myself in Thy statutes: I will not forget Thy word."

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