Monday, May 21, 2012

Never Alone

Today my husband gave a devotional to a Men's Prayer Breakfast the topic of which was that we are never alone.

 As Christians, we never exist as simply "I", because the Lord Jesus has come to live in our spirits. Therefore, there is never a situation in our lives that we will face by ourselves. We will always face them with Him. He promised "I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee," (Hebrews 13:5).

It reminds me of a situation I encountered over two decades ago.  I was in a work environment that had become very difficult for me.  I was being made to work a shift I was unaccustomed to, with coworkers I was not used to working with.  I was essentially the "odd man out."  I felt so alone and friendless, but I was also eight months pregnant.

Because of my pregnancy, each time I would walk into work, I knew that I carried my own little friend with me.  It was like having a "secret friend" no one else knew about.  She was with me everywhere I went and I would frequently talk to her when no one else was around, like during those quiet minutes when I ate my lunch alone.  I knew that no matter how ostracized I felt from the coworkers who didn't want me on their shift, I had a "friend" who was there with me no matter what, because she was in me and she wasn't about to leave me. . .yet.

Walking Path
Walking Path (Photo credit: hipgnosis photography)
The truth of the matter was I had an even greater friend than my daughter with me during those days.  That was the single most important truth that got me through those difficult days -- days that proved in so many ways to be the working of the Lord in my life for good.  He was with me every step of the way, working out His eternal purpose.  He was in every situation, in every moment, and I never had to face a single second of it alone.  If I felt alone, it was because I did not make the choice to believe that He was there with me all along.

Whatever moment is facing us, whatever bend in the road we see ahead, let us not face it with fear and anxiety, but with the realization that as Christians we are never alone on the path.  The Lord Jesus walks the path with and in us.  He will never leave us, He will never forsake us and it is His will to perform the good work He has begun in us.  When we walk with path with Him, there is nothing to fear. 
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