Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Beyond the Bow. . .Trip 44

The first trip of the season this year was about as perfect as one could wish.  We put in at the Bay Front Park in Daphne, AL and headed south toward Fairhope.  We did not reach Fairhope.  Taking the whole winter off from exercise has taken a toll on my endurance but I am committed to regaining what I have lost.

While my performance was disappointing, the day was not.  It was warm but not hot.  It was cloudy enough to give shade, but not overcast.  It was sunny enough to be bright, but not blistering.  There was breeze, but not so much as having to fight the wind to paddle.  The water was cool but not cold.

We paddled along the shoreline but far enough out to be out of the way of the piers and those fishing from the piers.  We were greeted by a host of pelicans perched on old pilings.  As we paddled by them, I was amazed at their size and at how easily they took flight considering their size.

We paddled down for over a mile and then stopped to just chat and enjoy the water and the beautiful day.  The tide was changing and the current slowly pushed us back toward our put-in.  Since we had started late in the morning, we didn't want to stay out in the sun for too long, so after a while, we began the paddle back. 

It rarely seems to happen this way, but it was so nice to have the current with us, it made the ride back a joy.   We stopped at a beach on the way back to stretch our legs and walk out on one of the piers that is part of the Bay Front Park.  We enjoyed looking at the water we had just traveled over and planning the next trip.

Soon we were lining ourselves up to paddle back up to shore and carry our stuff back to the car.  What a wonderful way to start the season!  I don't know how many times I kept saying, "I love being on the water!" 

 The day left me looking forward to the next trip, the next day, the next wonderful time kayaking together.  I consider this to be such a great gift the Lord has given me in my life, the joy of kayaking with my husband -- and with friends who have joined us over the years.

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