Friday, August 26, 2011

There's A Train A-Comin'

Many years ago our family visited Washington, DC.  It was our first experience with a Metro subway system.  We were a little apprehensive before our arrival at being able to connect on the right train, but we quickly learned the system and found it to be one of the most enjoyable parts of our trip.

Years later when we went to Boston and New York, we looked forward to again navigating by subway.  This time, of course, we were using a much larger subway system.  Referring to the different colored trains, my daughter said of the NY subway system, "They use a whole box of crayons."  It was, indeed, much more complicated than in Washington.

Sometimes we got on the right train, sometimes we didn't.  But we were always looking for the right train. Anytime I see a television program depicting a subway, it takes me back to those times when we were waiting for our "right train".

In our Christian lives, we are also always looking for the "right train", or at least the right opportunities.  We are looking for opportunities to trust and believe God.  That is the train we want to be seated on, the train of faith in God.  We want to know we are on the right train and traveling in the right direction.

Often times our arrival at the correct station on the subway meant we were met with travelers rushing and pushing past us onto the train, and perhaps the occasional musician serenading up as we walked up the stairs to the daylight above.  But on the Train of Faith, there is something better waiting at the station.

As I heard a preacher say recently, "Someone is going to be waiting for us at the Depot up the Road."  The Lord Jesus is waiting for us at the station "up the Road" and we want to be sure we are on that "faith train" to Him.

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