Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hey Look, We Match!

It is amazing how many times my husband and I will be leaving the house and will turn to each other and realize that our outfits match.  Often we will be total replicas of each other. (Well, he doesn't wear heels and or carry a purse!)  We might not have noticed each other the whole time we were getting ready, but then at the last moment we realize we look alike.

When we began recording our music, I was amazed listening to just the vocal tracks.  I can sing quite low for a woman and there were times our voices would blend together in a way that I could not tell which voice was his and which was mine because they were so similar.  Even our voices matched.

Over the last thirty-three years, it seems my husband and I have been becoming more and more like each other.  We have melded. They say that happens.   I think that's a pretty good thing for a couple to do, to mold and conform to each other.  Sort of how a good old pair of shoes has conformed to all the particularities of your feet and finally feel really good when you slip them on. But there is a better conforming that is going on.

The Scriptures tell us that every day, the Lord is working to conform us to the image of "His dear Son".  If I was to be remade in the likeness of someone, that would surely be the likeness I would want to be remade into, the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Lord "works in and through us" to accomplish this, slowly working to remove that which doesn't need to be there and adding that which does.  Finally, one day in Glory, we will look at the Lord Jesus and say, "Hey we match!" 

That is, until we look at His hands and feet.

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