Monday, October 25, 2010

Trouble Station Ahead!

During our vacation to Boston and New York, one of the interesting, and challenging, aspects was navigating the subway system.  We found the Boston subway system to be very similar to the Washington, DC system we had encountered a few years earlier.  The NY subway, however, was a different cookie altogether.  Or as one of our daughters described it, "The NY subway system is a whole box of crayons!"

Morning commuters in transit at the MTA New Yo...Image via WikipediaWhen one is a tourist in the city and riding on the subway, the great tendency is to be totally focused on the names of the stations ahead.  Some stations are known to be well-lit and well-trafficked.  These even have excellent musicians singing or playing their instruments as you walk along your way.  Others, may not have enough traffic to offer the safety of numbers; these seem to just spell out "trouble".

Twice in New York, we were approached by New Yorkers asking if they could help us find our way somewhere.  One woman was so pleasant and friendly, I wanted her to go with us all day long!  The Lord sent these kind souls to us to help us and encourage us along our trip.

In life, we know there are many stations ahead. Some offer pleasant surprises and joyous moments. Others just spell trouble. There is always trouble ahead somewhere.
But there is something, or rather Someone, out there too.  At Trouble Station, God has been there before the first brick or train rail was lain in place.  He is there in Trouble Station before our train even arrives, waiting to be our Help.  We never have to walk through the subway station alone.

"God is our refuge and strength, 
a very present help in trouble." 
Psalms 46:1

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