Friday, April 16, 2010

Vacation, The Unimaginable -- 20 Days to Go

Every Friday until our vacation,
we will post items
concerning our

20 Days to Go.

In planning this trip, I have done something my parents could have never done. I have "visited" sites before our journey has even begun, purchased the tickets without standing one second in line, and printed them on my own printer.

It felt so odd to see tickets for the Red Soxs spooling out of our printer -- almost as if we were doing something wrong. I felt great glee as I took the first one, ink still wet, to my daughter to show her the red, white and blue ticket. After all, it was her love for the Red Sox that started our trip to Boston in the first place.

Ticket after ticket for place after place poured out of our little printer. Only the Pops tickets came in the mail. Opening the envelope, however, brought a special fun all its own, to find the four tickets nestled within, a token of a night of enjoyment yet to come.

This type of planning would have been unimaginable just one generation ago. It was unknown for any of the trips I took with my parents when I was a child. Then we had the end destination, but so many of the "blanks" weren't filled in. You can bet I have already looked up the chocolatiers in New York! I have a friend at work who insists I go to Tiffany's "just to look".

I am definitely in the countdown mode. I remember how much I enjoyed our trip to Washington, DC and I expect to have as much or more fun in these two historic cities this time.

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