Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thirty-three Years

Thirty-three years ago his hand reached across the table and took mine and my heart fell into his. We began a long and beautiful dance that has had many varied, surprising and unfettered steps.

Our hearts have grown together so closely that any attempt to separate them would cause both parties to, as Charlotte Bronte's Mr Rochester describes, "bleed inwardly".

We are totally different and totally alike. We are like a hand and glove and yet like a knife and it's sharpening steel. We make each other better, give each other purpose, add strength and balance to the other's talents. We temper and smooth the other's weaknesses.

What a blessing from the Lord to have been united with someone who so perfectly completes and compliments who and what I am. What a joy that after thirty-three years I can say he is even more my best friend today than he has ever been.

Thank you, honey!

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