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A Mother's Heart in War . . . Day 88, September 2, 2004

The Friday entries of "The Powder Room" are currently from a journal which I started when we found out our son was going to be deployed with the United States Marine Corps to Iraq. The journal was not written with the intention that it would ever be read by anyone else, much less published in any way. There are feelings in the journal that are deep and true and I wasn't sure at first I wanted to share them. But there are many sons and daughters still serving in our armed forces and I think it might be good to share "a mother's heart" with you what those other mothers may be facing. The entries are shared as a tribute to my son and his service to our country, and to all those sons and daughters who continue to willingly place themselves in harm's way for the protection and preservation of liberty.

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Day 88, September 2, 2004

Written on the card:

Happy Birthday Mom.
I love you.
Corporal Noah Davis

What a wonderful way to hear the news of Noah's promotion, flowers on my birthday!

I hadn't expected to hear from him at all but when Glen brought the flowers - with a teddy bear wearing a birthday cake as a hat -- I knew they must have been from someone who knew me well. As I read the card, my first reaction was to cry. My son on the other side of the world, fighting a war, remembered my birthday! Then I actually read the signature, Corporal Noah Davis. It was like a present on top of a present!

Then to talk to him later in the day was best of all. Each time he calls it is like a confirmation that the Lord is keeping him safe. And it is a miracle of modern technology that we could talk at all.

It is strange but I am less tempted to fear now than I was before. When Noah said that the enemy was firing mortar rounds at their base all the time, I was strangely comforted, because he also said the mortars were not hitting them. While Noah may attribute that to poor marksmanship, I attribute that to the mountains full of "chariots of fire" -- those angels encamped around that base protecting the 7th platoon.

It reminds me of the verse, "A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. " That is my prayer for Noah: "it shall not come nigh thee."

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