Saturday, October 17, 2009

Many As One

Today while we were kayaking, we had the wonderful pleasure of seeing a flock of birds fly over us in formation. Their precision was beautiful to behold. As we sat on our kayaks watching them, I told Glen about some things I had remembered hearing about birds in formation.

The instincts in birds and animals are programmed by their Creator for specific purposes and are not random occurrences. We are told that birds fly in formation for several reasons. First, this formation reduces the air drag that each bird experiences and therefore they have lower heart rates while flying than birds that fly alone. This makes them able to travel farther with less effort. The birds rotate the lead position, which is the bird that experiences the most resistance and has to work the hardest. They also rotate the outer tip positions, because those two positions also experience more resistance.

Flying in a V fomation also allows each bird to have the others in their field of vision. This helps them to communicate with each other and to keep track of each other within the group. If one bird must fall out of formation because of illness or injury, two others will fall out with that bird to help and to offer protection.

As Glen and I watched these birds perform this before us, we mentioned how like the Body of Christ this was. We are all united in a wondrous bond that can never be broken. We support each other, we are part of a team, a group -- a Body. What affects one member, affects all in some way. We must remain close so that we can easily communicate, to keep track of each other, to help and protect those who become ill or injured.

We have a great power among ourselves of which we are so rarely aware. The power of praying for other believers in the Body of Christ is not a futile or rote repetition. This is something that has great significance and consequence. Let us take our responsibility in the formation very seriously and remember to "pray without ceasing" for our other members and to ask the Lord to reveal to us areas where He would have us help, support and protect them otherwise.
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